Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Late Night Phone Fantasy

Hey guys, I'm stoned out of my mind. I'm now experiencing some sexual tension. I think you might need to help me out with it. I do have some sex toys, under my bed. I'm not wearing a top, at the moment. That's probably why my nipples are so hard. I need them to be sucked on so bad. I love having phone sex at, this time of night. I get the house all to myself. I can only imagine, what fantasies are running through your mind. I can think of many, right off the top of my head. I do have to warn you, that I do have a dirty mind. I'm wearing my favorite cotton panties. I'm not gunna slide them off, until they are soaking wet. 

It may be the middle of the week, but to me it feels like it's still the weekend. I like to party all the time. If I'm really stoned, then I can be once wild bitch.

877-814-6794 EXT 100337


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