Monday, April 18, 2016

Therapist Carmen!

                Hi there, I'm therapist Carmen. I specialized in all types of sexual advice. I also like listening to confessions. If their something you want to confess, then you should tell me about it. Nothing is ever too dirty, with me. I've heard just about everything. 

Therapist Carmen
855-909-9243 EXT 12486

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Step Son's Best Friend!

Hi, I have a secret crush on my step son's best friend Tony. I think he's only 18 yrs old. Sometimes he stays with us, over the weekend. I sometimes wish I could walk in on him undressing. Tony has the cutest blue eyes. I sometimes masturbate, on my bed, when I think about him. I imagine him in my room, with me. I wander what would happen, if he was on my bed. I wish i knew how big, his package is. It's probably a bit bigger, then my husband. Sometimes when my husband and I have sex, I imagine myself sleeping with Tony. I guess that's why, I always cum hard. 

Mama Kristine
877-814-6794 EXT 127124

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Stoner Phone Whore!

I started smoking pot with my boyfriend, on my eighteenth boyfriend. Instead of going to the movies, we went to his house. We walked quickly upstairs, to his room. My boyfriend had a big bag of weed, on his bed. I wanted to try, when I saw it. I asked my boyfriend, if we could smoke some together, since it was my birthday. My boyfriend took out his blue Smurfette bong, that he bought at a garage sale. My boyfriend packed the bowl, out of his bong for us. I took the first hit. It was amazing. I was coughing for a long time. My boyfriend took a big hit, right after me. It got me very horny, that night. Every time my boyfriend and I smoke pot, we have great sex. 

877-814-6794 EXT 115724