Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Neighbor Jim

   My neighbor Jim is so sweet. Just the other day, he came over for some tea.
  My step mom invited him over at noon. I helped her with the desert. I did something
   that was very naughty. I watched my neighbor and my step mom have sex. I was super drunk,
 when this happened. I do have to admit, that my step mom is looking dope. I saw her naked,
for the first time. I know you are probably, wandering where my Dad was. Well, he had to work late. My neighbor Jim, didn't leave the house, that day, until nine. The sex I watched, was
so incredible. I wish I could have filmed it. If I did, then I'd be watching it every day. Next time my neighbor comes over, I'm going to see, if I can have him all to myself.

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Dirty Little Whore PhoneSex

       I don't believe you know, how badly, I want you. This evening, has been very
      relaxing for me. I'm about to light some scented candles, around my bedroom. 
     I want this night to be romantic. My soaking wet panties, are waiting to be taken
    off. I'll let you take them off, with your teeth. It's a perfect night, to party. I'm on cloud
    nine, at the moment. This means, I'm extremely moist. My big nipples will probably
    taste good in your mouth. My last lover, was so addicted to them. I let him suck on them,
  for as long as he wanted. I'm just waiting to be your dirty little phone sex whore.

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