Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Neighbor Jim

   My neighbor Jim is so sweet. Just the other day, he came over for some tea.
  My step mom invited him over at noon. I helped her with the desert. I did something
   that was very naughty. I watched my neighbor and my step mom have sex. I was super drunk,
 when this happened. I do have to admit, that my step mom is looking dope. I saw her naked,
for the first time. I know you are probably, wandering where my Dad was. Well, he had to work late. My neighbor Jim, didn't leave the house, that day, until nine. The sex I watched, was
so incredible. I wish I could have filmed it. If I did, then I'd be watching it every day. Next time my neighbor comes over, I'm going to see, if I can have him all to myself.

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