Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Truth Or Dare

One night at my friend Tracy's slumber party, we played Truth Or Dare. I was the first person
to pick what I wanted. I chose dare, because I feel like being naughty. I was dared by Tracey to be her nurse. I was dared to put on her Mon's nurse uniform. I had to push a thermonitor, up her little ass. It was a little weird, but it wasn't too bad. I do have to admit, that I looked sexy in her mom's sexy nurse uniform. i think we played this game almost half the night. I dared Tracey to sneak her boyfriend Mitch over. I wanted to watch her make out with him. The rest of the girls dared each other, to do even naughtier things. I wish you were there to see all the action. I hope to have another Slumber party in the future. If I do, I'll make sure we play Truth Or Dare. 

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