Friday, October 3, 2014

Take Advantage Of Me!

OMG, I'm so high and drunk right now. I was supposed to stay home tonight to study, but
I went out instead. I was at a really cool party. I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to sleep with any guys tonight. The party ended early, because a fight broke out. I'm now super horny from being at the party. I wish I could have brought a guy home with me. I could have snuck him in. Now that I'm home, I can take this mini skirt off. My Oh My, are my panties wet? I'm thinking of calling my best friend Stacie up. I don't think she is sleeping yet. She couldn't go to the party, because her parents had the car. Now that they are home, she can drive over here. I'm going to stay up late. I get to sleep in tomorrow. I'll just have to study tomorrow night. I'll ask Stacie if she can  get some guys over here. Until then, it's just you and I. I want you all to myself, before my wild night starts.

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